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Here’s some resources we made earlier!

One of the (many) great things about iChurch is that our resources are tailored to churches/faith organisations, and are influenced by what our webmasters need/want to see.

If you feel there’s anything missing here, please get in touch.


These are free downloadable resources available for everyone – please help yourself, and spread the word. If you’d like advice as to how best to use them, or to discuss anything else, please contact us.

Planning Your Website – Strategy Helpsheet Planning Your Website – What’s Next? Helpsheet Planning Your Website – Pages Helpsheet Managing Your Website – Where to Find Images Helpsheet Managing Your Website – Get More Visitors Helpsheet Adding URC Daily Devotions to your website

Video Tutorials - Editing your site (iChurch 5)

This video window below, beginning at logging in, is a YouTube playlist of iChurch tutorials on how to edit your website. Towards the top right hand corner of the video there’s a playlist button (left of ‘Watch Later’), if you click on this you can view all the videos inn the playlist, to selected a particular one.